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Accepts 0-6 Years Old

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The school offers the full range of Montessori experiences: Everyday Living, art, Language: English and Japanese, Math, Cultural Studies, Science and Geography, as well as functional skills that incorporate hands—on activities with concrete learning, using real objects. The environment introduces the child to a conceptual foundation of all pre—academic areas. The day is filled with exploratory opportunities suited to the interest and growing skills of the child. To enhance and develop the interest and learning process of the child we take them on a number of fieldtrips.



Everday Living

Everyday Living

To develop the child's concentration, hand to eye coordination, placing objects in order and learning sequencing.


Children also learn to work both independently and in groups

Science & Geography

Science & Geography

To develop their knowledge on the world in which they live, the environment and to learn about countries, customs and cultures.



To be able to count and write numbers as well as recognizing and solving math problems.



To refine the child's senses and fine motor skills



Certain materials in the language area are particularly supportive of spontaneous language. The child is first introduced to the letters of the alphabet and then to express themselves through writing

Art & Music

Art & Music

Art and music activities develop and enhance the child's self expression



To develop the child's motor skills and the need to balance



The Montessori Method


  • Help the child discover and realize their own potential
  • Foster individually paced growth
  • Develop the total development of the child
  • Focused on teaching for understanding
  • Develop a logical framework within children to help them seek to learn on their own and absorb the world
  • Montessori children master a tremendous amount of information and skills and they do very well academically by the end of Kindergarten
  • Prepare children not just for school but for life.
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